Arizona, just like the rest of the country enjoys a summer when all of us bask in the sun. Soon, the season changes to extreme cold weather and snowing. Before this season catches up with you, there are some home preparations that you should undertake to cushion your family and the house from the adverse weather.

These activities should be carried out during the summer season.

• Prepare on energy saving
The fall and winter have shorter days meaning more lighting periods. Buying energy saving bulbs can go a long way in saving your energy use. For additional saving tricks, purchase the automatic day shut-off and motion sensors that light when needed for outdoor lighting.

• Clear your roof and gutters

In addition to hiking and travel during summer, clearing the roof and gutters comes in handy. The warm weather offers an opportunity to remove all debris that could clog the drainage during the fall and winter. Working in these areas in winter can be troublesome, and professional cleaners can charge you very highly.

• Test your furnace
You will need it during the fall. Clear it from sediments that reduce its efficiency leading to high energy bills. Test its effectiveness and if broken, call the furnace professionals for repair. Besides, learn how to maintain it and note down the expert’s advice.

• Seal the air leaks
Retaining the warm air in the house and avoiding air entry from the outside saves a lot of heating energy. Air exchange from the outside occurs through cracks and crevices in the walls or from the doors. Identify and seal these air leaks and your energy bills will fall drastically.

• Stock some tools
Winter comes with ice, snow and water on walkways. Does this mean that you won’t invite friends? Keeping some De-icing compounds, snow shovel and waterproof floor mats will ease your navigation during these tricky moments.