Now that you have the best roof set to your expectations, what next? Is it time to sit pretty and enjoy the work of the roof experts? Unfortunately, this is not the case. You are required to follow up in maintaining the roof to give it an extended duration and avoid water from leaking into your apartment.

Budgeting for roof repairs will ensure minimum cost for its maintenance. The periodic check up of the roof avoids expensive overall replacement.

What should you do to keep your budget low and extend the life of your roof?

• Contract a roof consultant
Having an established roof expert checking on your roof can save you a lot of unseen losses. Imagine the roof cracking and tumbling or being blown away by whirlwind! This destruction is mitigated by an expert who tests the stability of the ceiling and offers yearly updates on its suitability.

• Timely repairs
Repair and fix small leaks quickly. A leaking roof will not only lead to more destruction but would permeate to the house with dire consequences. Also, ignoring the small holes leads to expensive repair which could be avoided. You can check the leaks to determine their size and fix them if possible saving the need for a consultant.

• Use durable materials
Compared to metal, Asphalt shingles are cheaper but needs constant and regular replacement. Using clay or wood shakes has the disadvantage of cracking and water permeation respectively. It is prudent to know the type of the materials used in your roof and their durability to estimate on their maintenance cost. The more durable the materials, the more you enjoy a repair free duration.

• Clear debris
Occasionally, leaves and dense materials accumulate on the roof pressuring it to either bend or crack. Maintaining a program of removing debris not only prolongs the lifespan of your roof but also keeps it clean and admirable. Besides, it saves you on your dollars.

• Remove small insects and animals
Small animals and insects harboring on roofs can cause minute but remarkable damage in the long run. Insects burrow on roofs constructed with wood shakes leading to water absorption and ultimate rotting. Besides, the small animals accumulate wastes and urine that has devastating effects on the ceiling. Occasional removal and clearing of all insects with insecticide and destruction of their dwellings will save you from roof repair expenses.

• Remove vegetation
As you walk around Arizona, a closer look on roofs will reveal a common but overlooked growth of vegetation. In the beginning, you have only one plant. With time these plants spread their tentacles to other parts of the roof forming a network of the vegetation. These plants keep organic materials that retain water and moisture that are destructive to the ceiling.